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Serving the local communities for 77 years


Auto, Home, Commercial

We offer a variety of options to cover your home, auto, or business insurance needs.

Crop & Hail

We have several experienced Crop Insurance Agents to assist you throughout the crop year.

Life, Health & Annuity

We are here to protect you and your loved ones during those unforeseen events. 

I started working at Lakota Farm Services in 1978 for R.E. and Joy Busche, and I continued alongside Ed during each crop insurance sale season following Ed and Denise's purchase of the agency in 1988. In working together during those years, our relationship became much more than employer/employee, and it became a true friendship. My wife, Jeanne and I, were honored to have Ed and Denise as Godparents to our son, Beau. This may give you folks an idea on why I have been at LFS for 45 years, and plan to continue on with this new group of owners."

Randy Schaley

Crop Insurance Agent