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I'm humbled by you, our clients, these past 36 years; especially the last couple years through Ed's illness and passing. Your ongoing support and loyalty has truly sustained me. I'm confident that you will now also support these young families. Know that we here at Lakota Farm Services will do all we can to help the Huso's and Schaley's and you can expect the same quality service you have been accustomed to. Our team has simply become stronger."

Denise Uriell

Insurance Agent



July 4-5 | September 2 | November 11 | November 28-29 | December 24-25
Lakota Farm Services participated as a stop in the Lakota Wine Walk on May 3rd. We had a "Sip, Dip, & Savor" night with wine and fondue.
Left: Randy Schaley & Mark Huso | Right: Beau Schaley & Randy Miller
Lakota Farm Services teamed up with HusoCrop Consulting to sponsor the Lakota High School's derby car competition. The winners took home gift cards along with company merch!

Taylor and Denise participated in hosting a table at Oktoberfest, winning first place!

Chili: White Chicken Chili

Beer: Stella Artois Cidre

Denise Uriell sold the business! Mark and Samantha Huso with Beau and Taylor Schaley purchased Lakota Farm Services on October 1, 2023.